When Anthony Mackie was cast in the role of Captain America’s modern day partner, the Falcon, fans were excited to see this character brought to life on the big screen. Mackie recently talked about Captain America: The Winter Soldier and his role with EW.

It’s a cool story and brings in some amazing characters and the Falcon is one of the things that fans are already excited about.

It’s a movie that has kind of turned into a bigger-than-life opportunity for me. I’ve had these little milestones along the way and now to play a superhero and to work with people like Robert Redford, Sam Jackson, and Chris? It’s just turned into this amazing moment.

Mackie stressed that the Falcon didn’t wake up with or get bitten by some radioactive insect or other accidental method like so many other heroes:

He’s a really smart guy who went through major military training and becomes a tactical leader,  he’s not some guy that fell into this.

The Falcon’s personal code and character are another defining part of the role.

The most important thing I got from everybody at Marvel about the Falcon was the need to show that he’s a very righteous, man-forward kind of guy. He would do anything to protect the man next to him and to protect his country. That’s the integrity of the character and the integrity of the man and that that’s what I have focused on.

The biggest thing for me, the most exciting thing for me, is to come out on Halloween and see all the little black kids dressed up like the Falcon. There are so many parts of our society that are not catered to or represented fully and this will give a new generation of our society someone to look up to and identify with. That’s why I am so intensely focused on bringing the character to life in a special way.

I find myself liking what Mackie has to say about the character and Mackie’s own feelings about the Falcon and the Falcon’s importance in the Marvel Universe. As a huge Captain America fan, I’m really looking forward to this movie and the new characters.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, hits the big screen on April 4th, 2014.

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