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ABOVE: This Hawkgirl cosplay by Kira Kouture is Thanagarian approved. [CBM]


Guinea pig armor for sale. Alright Internet, this shits getting ridiculous.  [FashionablyGeek]


Today HBO and Ommegang  revealed the label art for “Take the Black,” a stout for it’s Game of Thrones beer. I first read it as “take it black”, which would have been an unfortunate name. [TheMarySue]

Got a great affinity for movie props? Got deep pockets? Then you’ll wanna take not of this Screen Used movie memorabilia auction slated for July 2013 [BeyondTheMarquee]

If Next-Gen consoles were Game of Thrones characters. Yeah, that’s about right.  [GAS]

Cape & Cowl: a documentary on the importance of cosplay to cosplayers. Abridged version – “be excellent to each other”  [CBC]

Diver uses (air bubble) kamehameha wave to knock over stack of rocks. Aquaman is happy to make a friend.  [Geekologie]

How many times have you got in an elevator and waived your hand when the doors close to show test your force powers, hmm? Well, this group of nerds decided to take the door hand waive to the next level in this Star Wars elevator prank. [SlashFilm]

Teens react to an early trailer for the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, which comes to theaters in November! [TheFineBros]

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