Oh, Prometheus, you were a movie that caused many people great amounts of pain.  But believe it or not, some of us actually liked the film and are looking forward to seeing what Ridley Scott has for us in his upcoming second film (of what is supposed to be a trilogy).  News on the latest project, however, has been in a state of limbo.  Until now, that is.  Here’s a few tidbits on how the Prometheus sequel is doing.

First and foremost, a bit of news that even lovers of the film may find a relief, a new screenwriter has been brought on to do the second flick.  His name is Jack Paglen and he is a new-blood writer that is getting some props for a movie called Transcendence.  This means no more Spaihts and Lindelof, which is probably for the best.

Second of all, it looks like Ridley Scott himself may be bowing out of directing the flick.  He’ll still be around to produce it, of course, but seems to be getting bored of the project and might just do something else.  This means that Prometheus could go the way of the original Alien series, with new brains coming in to work new stories for each installment.   Let’s just hope this works better with Prometheus than it did with Alien, or we’ll only get one more movie worth watching…


Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.

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