Since the – completely uncalled for! – cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Cartoon Network‘s Saturday morning slot, DC Nation, has been treading water; airing re-runs of the aforementioned programs and premiering only one, sorta-new series, Teen Titans GO!. Not to say Teen Titans GO! isn’t fantastic, it is, but with it based on the popular early 2000s ‘toon, Teen Titans, the fan base was already there.

What DC Nation’s been lacking is an action’ toon to counterbalance the comedic Teen Titans GO!, and it’s up to Batman to deliver. Last seen on Cartoon Network in the riotously funny and absurd Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Batman will be returning in the far more serious and sinister, Beware The Batman. We’ve been hearing about the series for years now, and today World’s Finest has some footage to share.

Due to auto-play I can’t seem to disable, hit the jump to watch.

Sure looks a lot like GL:TAS, and while its CG-animated style irritated me at first it eventually grew to fit the series quite nicely. After watching this trailer I’m not so sure it works as well for Batman. The plastic-looking, almost toy-like figures looked cool whenever Hal or Kilowag were cruising through space, but here when Bats is fighting Magpie or chasing Professor Pyg, it looks cheap. Maybe I’m just an ‘ole cynic who desperately wants a return of Batman: The Animated Series, but I’m not in love with what I see here. And speaking of, does Beware The Batman‘s logo make anyone else think of B:TAS?


They’re not identical, but I’m sure the similarities are there to force our brains to make the connection.

I’m being cautiously optimistic about this series. I applaud their decision to shake things up a bit, what with Katana featuring as Bats’ sidekick and the use of lesser-known villains like Pyg, but until I see more than this animation reel I don’t know what the tone or overall story will be like. I’m sure we’ll know more sooner than later as Beware The Batman is set to premiere on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation, July 13th at 10 AM ET/PT.

What do you think of the Beware The Batman‘s first bit of footage?

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