BBC to Announce 12th Doctor by August or September


Which puts them right on track to beat the paparazzi scramble that will inevitable occur when filming for the Christmas special begins. Since learning the Christmas special would be current Doctor, Matt Smith‘s last stint on Doctor Who the buzz around who’ll be cast as the 12th Doctor has been at a fever pitch. Within days of his departure announcement dozens of names were thrown around. From the very unlikely – Helen Mirren became a popular choice – to possible, relative unknowns like Daniel Kaluuya or Domhnall Gleeson.

Today The Radio Times, which has a very chummy relationship with the Beeb having been owned by them until 2011, are reporting the BBC will announce the new Doctor in August or September. And this leads me, and likely everyone else, to make a guess the role of the 12 Doctor in the Christmas special may be more than a closing moments regeneration. That’s something they can film in secret, on a closed set. But what if the regeneration happens in public? That would explain the early announcement, allowing the Beeb to control the story before fans are able to snap a few pictures on set.

How do you think the upcoming regeneration will play into the Christmas special? And do you think the BBC will surprise us with their choice for the new Doctor, or will they continue to play it safe? And by safe I mean another young, white guy.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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