Terminator 5 news seems to keep coming in at a pretty good clip, which adds fuel to the speculation fire that a new Terminator film may truly be coming soon to a theater near you. But who might star as the new killing machine from the future (or in the future as the case may be)?

We know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to return to the franchise (I would say “confirmed” but that confirmation came from an Arnold fan site quoting a throw away line at a conference in Austria, so we’ll stick with “rumored”), but in what capacity might Schwarzenegger appear? Could he still pull off “killing machine” despite the fact that he’s now cashing social security checks? No comment. But who else might realistically play a killing machine from the future? Perhaps another athletic actor with extensive upper body strength? Of course, he’d also have to be an actor with a background in saving franchises from themselves.

Enter Dwayne Johnson. He’s had a film in the Top 10 at the box office every week since February, so is he right man who could terminate the line of terrible Terminator films? Well the WWE Examiner (via AICN) seems to think they have a case. The Examiner says that Johnson will be taking a powder and missing Wrestlemania 30 next April in New Orleans because the artist formally known as The Rock will be filming T5. Here’s the excerpt from the site:

The script is now being developed and with one fellow action movie star in mind for the role of T5’s most sinister machine. A source close to Annapurna Films exclusively tells WWE Examiner Friday morning that one version of the script is being produced specifically for The Rock himself.

As for the plot, that is interesting. Apparently, with Johnson playing the new Terminator, the script by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier has a very different role in mind for Schwarzenegger, and it will be one that either intrigues fans or infuriates them I think. Prepare for spoilers in…











A source close to the project says one idea being considered for the film could throw fans of the Terminator franchise for a loop. According to the scenario outlined, T5 may be a prequel set in the days of Sarah Connor’s parents, marking the first time terminators have been sent back in time to kill a character that existed before both John and Sarah Connor.

Incredibly, Schwarzenegger may not play the role of a machine in the next film, but a potentially heroic human figure in or close to the Connor family. One theory is that Schwarzenegger’s remarkable ability to protect the Connor family in the 1940s or 1950s with antiquated weaponry by today’s standards ultimately inspired the machines to develop a terminator in his likeness that was eventually sent to 1984 when Sarah Connor was first targeted for termination.

It’s plausible. Considering the mess that is Terminator Salvation, maybe the only way they could continue the series was to go further back in time. But time will tell whether any of this is true or not.

More news as it develops.

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