On Location For "Doctor Who"

Turns out Amy Pond won’t be playing Angela in Guardians of the Galaxy, as we had previously thought.  In fact, it turns out that we don’t actually know who Doctor Who ex-companion, Karen Gillan, will be playing in the film.

What we do know is that Marvel owns the rights to the character of Angela, settling that point of debate.  While Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool inquired about that, he also asked about the veracity of rumors that Gillan will be taking on the role of Angela… and the answer is a resounding “no”.

Well, when asking about Angela, I also asked about Karen. And I’m sorry but no, it’s not true.

So, it seems that rumor has been debunked and it’s on to the next one.  Or maybe we’ll get some official news soon.  Who knows.

Perhaps it’s because Amy Pond left a bad taste in my mouth that I wasn’t particularly keen on seeing Gillan play Angela, anyway.  It will be interesting to see what role she’s taken in Guardians.

Source: blastr, Bleeding Cool

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