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ABOVE: Star Trek Into Darkness movie poster eye make up. For those that think the movie sucked, would you consider this to be a stink eye? [Geekologie]


R2D2 (who’s looks like hi best days are behind him) cake plays Leia’s holographic message. “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, put this droid out of his misery”.[Technabob]


Game of Thrones baby mobile.  Because incest, betrayal, lust, old and new gods, vengeance, death, and copies amounts of nudity are values you must instill upon your child.  [Etsy]


AT-AT Walker constructed out of dipping sauce packets. Come to the Darkside, we don’t skimp on dipping sauces.  [Reddit]


Utterly useless Dovahkiin female armor. Still pretty darn hot though, I’ll tell you what. [GAS]


Dog groomed to look like Yoda. Man’s best friend, he is. Wait… is that an Ewok on his ass?  [FashionablyGeek]

Termites built the death star? Guess that null and voids Dante and Randall’s concern in Clerks. [SlashFilm]

Etna Comics 2013 Cosplay music video.  [Rakuen Cosplay]

Huge LEGO Wizard of Oz diorama. “Follow the yellow brick road”. Fuck no! Them LEGO bricks hurt my feets. [Lego Gizmodo]

Street Fighter Cat edition. Yep, this pretty much sums up the Internet. [ObviousWinner]

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