Spoilers ahead, obviously. Although if you’ve been following the development and production of Captain America: The Winter Soldier then you may have already inferred that there are only a few returnees from the first Captain America movie. Of course, we all know one of them because he’s right there in the title, but the other returning actor had merely a rumored chance of being in the new movie, at least until some enterprising Cleveland journalists took the attached spy photo.


Yes indeed, that is none other than actress Hayley Atwell, in old age make-up, playing an older and wiser Agent Carter. Snapped in the posh neighborhood of Cleveland Heights by the ClevelandHeights.Patch.Com, the crew of Winter Solider seemed to be shooting the reunion scene between Cap (Chris Evans) and Carter outside of 2178 Harcourt Boulevard.

Of course, this news shouldn’t come as too surprising. Atwell has been rumored to have a cameo in the film as well as being part of a confirmed short film project featuring Agent Carter that will be screened at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and will be included later on the Winter Soldier Blu-ray.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier bows in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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