The Amazing Spider-Man 2 update from yesterday has some new twists and turns and the production news just keeps getting messier. First director Marc Webb announces that the Mary Jane scenes already shot with actress Shailene Woodley would not be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, leading many to believe that those would just show up in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Next, Webb goes on to say that Woodley would probably be too busy with her current film project Divergent and the part of Mary Jane might need to be recast. Today’s news just might be the cherry on the top of this casting reversal sundae. Confirmed by ET Canada, Sarah Gadon has been attached in an unspecified role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 leading many to think she is going to play the recast role of Mary Jane.


Do you think she will be the new Mary Jane? Is this a case of fast casting, or was all this decided and done well before any word of Woodley’s exit? Gadon could be playing a different role, but when you look at everything and how they link up, it looks like Woodley is out and Gadon is in to portray the lovely Mary Jane Watson.

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