Continuing the grand, Hollywood tradition of casting white actors in roles that call for even the slightest bit of ethnicity, The Huffington Post in Canada spoke with Willian Fichtner who confirmed he’s playing the Turtle’s biggest baddie, Shredder, in Michael Bay‘s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick.

I play Shredder. It is cool. It’s one of those things that came along where I thought, “Really? Let me think about this for a minute.” [Laughs] Then I was like, “Yeah, OK, this sounds like a journey.” I’m very glad that it worked out, I’m really glad that I’m doing it.

Apparently simply called Ninja Turtles if this poster Coming Soon saw at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo is anything to go by,


So, they’ve dropped the whole teenage mutant bit, but hey, at least they’re not aliens. (We hope!)

Absolutely nothing I’ve learned about this new TMNT, sorry, NT film has me looking forward to it. How about you Bastards?

Source: Huff Po, Coming Soon via Bleeding Cool

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