When we first heard Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who, the BBC promised a special goodbye and thank you video, and it turns out Smith filmed it in Detroit, Michigan during a break on Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster. Watch it below, but you may want to grab a tissue first.

Oh, man, that got me right in the feels. That was so damn sweet!

Many actors have played Doctor Who. Fans will argue who portrayed him best, but most would agree that Matt Smith was certainly the most unique and special. He’s been the perfect mix of all the best qualities of the Doctor that we’ve come to love so far. His nature has been light-hearted, despite the darker themes since Moffat took over as executive producer of the show.  He’s been chaotic, and child-like, but  always managed to be clever and focused when needed.  A mad twinkle in his eye and all the whimsy and the genuine love for other beings. I, for one, think Matt Smith was genetically engineered from birth to play Doctor Who. I really, really liked him and am so sad to see him go.

Thank you Matt Smith for being one of the greatest Doctors and for bringing me nothing but smiles.  You are brilliant and will always be my favorite Doctor.


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