Naturally. Sequel for ‘World War Z’ on the Fast Track


It was good news for Paramount Pictures this weekend when World War Z didn’t tank like the world’s population following the outbreak of a zombie plague, so they’re doing the one thing Hollywood does well in the face of success: start developing a sequel.

Yes sir, a $111 million worldwide haul and the best opening of Brad Pitt‘s career means that WWZ is getting the all clear to proceed with franchise development. Or, as studio vice chairman Rob Moore put it, “Paramount will actively turn to developing a sequel.” Paramount officials had previously said that they were envisioning a World War Z trilogy, which we all laughed about at the time, but now doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

This is an unusual development for a film that many had written off in the weeks and months leading up to its release. The production problems and delays of World War Z have been well-documented, and the lack of fan enthusiasm owing to the departure from the source material seemed to be a double confirmation that WWZ was going to be a nuclear-sized box office bomb. Instead, it was in second place at the domestic box office this weekend behind Pixar’s latest smash hit Monsters University, and ahead of Warner Bros. hit Man of Steel in its second week of release. Who would have guessed? (The answer, is no one.)

So what’s next? Well, it’s a fair bet that Brad Pitt will be back for more seeing as how it was not only a passion project for the actor, but he produced it as well. As for director Marc Forster, no word on whether or not he will be back. Those aforementioned production hiccups don’t help his cause, but it’s even money if he comes back for World War Z-2 or not. Or is that World War 2-Z?

What do you think Bastards? Wanna see a second World War Z?

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