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You may have heard the news by now, that Sony has big plans to reboot that goofy-ass yet nostalgic cartoon, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  Considering that the property has been left to gather dust for a while and a serious attempt has never been made to adapt the story (that 1987 piece of crap does NOT count), it’s a ripe time to cash in on the homo-erotic, muscle-bound Prince Adam and the gang.  There may be a few complications, however, as a former He-Man contributor has stepped up and slapped down a lawsuit to get his piece of the pie.

The current copyright holders are Mattel, the company that designed the Master of the Universe product line back in the early 80s.  Their opponent – Skeletor!  Oh wait, I mean Donald Glut, a writer that helped design the He-Man back-story.  Glut has come forward and said that since he helped create the characters, he deserves some of the cash flow.  Mattel is firmly giving him the finger, however, stating that he was on a work-for-hire contract that is three decades old at this point.

I’m all for promoting writers’ rights, but if this guy was serious about wanting his name on this particular creative project, he probably should not have waited nearly 30 years to state his case.  Besides, the work he did was in a pre-established universe that was being put together specifically to sell a line of toys.  Somehow, I don’t think Glut is going to walk away from this one any richer.  Worse yet, another failed attempt to dispute a copyright on virtually baseless grounds only hurts the writers out there that are having real problems with companies trying to rip them off.

Any opinions, Nerd Readers?  Does Glut deserve a paycheck for this?  Are the folks at Mattel yet another band of evil overlords?  On an unrelated note, should they just relegate the He-Man to gay porn and leave it at that?


Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the heads-up.

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