Will ‘Pacific Rim’ Fall At The Box Office To…?


Set to smash it’s way to theaters midway through the summer blockbuster season (July 12,) Guillermo del Toro‘s giant-robo vs. equally giant kaiju epic Pacific Rim, may have already been defeated by a monster more terrible than any 500ft tall mutie-space-lizard. Adam Sandler.

Variety is reporting that the early tracking data for the second weekend in July is pointing to Grown Ups 2 edging out the CGI action epic at the box office. Some have compared Pac Rim to Saban’s Power Rangers and have expressed a preference to the comedy sequel that also stars Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade. It is also worth mentioning that whoever these people are, we could totally never hang out. Seriously. So don’t even ask.

Del Toro’s $200 Million dollar monster smashing epic has just begun to ramp up it promotional machine and is still coasting from the fanboy hype received from its debut at last years San Diego Comic Con. That said, all involved had to know the film was a risky endeavor.   Lacking true star power (yes, it has TV A-listers like Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Day but they don’t put asses in seats like a Pitt, Cruise or Depp,) the film is not based on a pre-existing property, and is also very sci-fi and very niche driven, three factors that can weigh heavy on the average Jill and Joe Popcorn choice in movie.

Grown Ups 2 on the other hand is a sequel (of a terribly unfunny movie) featuring well known (terribly unfunny) actors. It’s safe and comfortable. We know what we will see (since it looks like they just photocopied the script from the last one.) Surely at some point in the film someone will be hit in the crotch with a football, clearly more palatable than a quasi-Godzilla taking an oil tanker to the face. Right? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!

This is still all just box office speculation and word is that Warner Bros. us about to unleash a major media push to raise the films awareness in the eye of the average movie goer. The July 12th weekend may not be the biggest dollar wise this summer, but it maybe the most interesting. Will audiences go the safe route with Sandler et al for 90 minutes of farts and hot dog based innuendo or will they risk their dollars on the untested waters on something new and unseen with del Toro and 200 tonnes of robo-fists swinging. Early tracking does not automatically mean Pac Rim is doomed and no one will really know how the box office looks that weekend till the following Monday.

Since you’re reading this it’s a fair guess where you stand and I look forward to joining you in line that Friday. We can throw rocks at the Sandler fans and make loud noises to scare them off.

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Enemy:sandlershutup

Source: Variety

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