We’ve recently received word via the L.A Times that Brad Copeland: Writer of the 2007 comedy Wild Hogs, but best known for his work on the Firefly of sitcoms: Arrested Development (kudos to Netflix for bringing it back from the grave, btw), will be writing a cinematic adaptation of the ’80s-tastic action series Knight Rider for The Weinstein Company.

The original series, which lasted from 1982 to 1986, starred David Hasselhoff and a talking Trans Am. Together they cruised across the country, do-gooding in whatever small towns were too broke to hire The A-Team.

An atrocious 2008 reboot mercifully lasted only a single season. It’s too soon to say what direction the film will take the concept, but Knight Rider was the kind of show that could only be done seriously in the ’80s: In the “Twenty-Teens” (or whatever else they’re going to end up calling this decade), I could really only see it working as a tongue-in-cheek satire….in the manner of the recent 21 Jump Street adaptation.

But whether it’s played straight or for laughs, there damn well better be some Hoff up in there! That’s what killed the 2008 series (well, that and sucking copious ass)–no Hoff….

How can you even think of doing anything with Knight Rider in the title without sufficient Hoff?

As per usual, we’ll be bringing you further updates as they are made available: Same Hoff time, same Hoff channel.

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