Millennium Falcon Bed

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ABOVE: Round beds are pretty cool and they are even cooler when they’re shaped like the Millennium Falcon.  This bed was handmade by supernerd Kayla Kromer. You can see more photos, taken by Heather Leah Kennedy, on Kayla’s Facebook page.  [Laughing Squid]

gandalf condom

“Geek condoms: Because sometimes even nerds have sex.” That should be the slogan if Italian artist Benedetto Papi ever goes to production with his pop culture condom line. While the Gandalf quote is amusing, I wouldn’t want to think about him while having sex, likewise for the Smallville inspired condom…. clever, but no…. the Supernatural one with Jensen Ackles on it? Yes please. [Geekologie]


Dear god, whoever Jessica Lee is, I want her to be my new best friend. Jessica encoded a secret message in her yearbook quote. I’m surprised the Yearbook staff let this slip by. I guess they aren’t familiar with the Periodic Table or the Notorious B.I.G. [Geeks Are Sexy]


If you, like me, need some brain bleach after seeing Gandalf’s face on a condom wrapper, here are some adorable Lord of the Rings cupcakes. [That’s Nerdalicious]


Amber Orton looks striking as a lady Wolverine but as someone with lady parts, all I can think is “You’re in the snow! Your boobs must be freezing in that top!” [Fashionably Geek]


This chic magazine cover is just one of the many mockups made by artist Kim McG. Kim created a slew of magazine covers based in the world of the Avengers. There’s everything from serious Time Magazine covers to gossipy editions of US Weekly. Check out Geeks Are Sexy for images of all of the covers.


Speaking of the Avengers, the Mary Sue’s Jill Pantozzi took part in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade last weekend and of course, Jill was dressed as the Iron Merman.

lego wedding dress

Occasionally, we post about geeky wedding items, but none have been as nerdy as this wedding dress made entirely out of LEGOs. I’m not sure that you could actually wear this dress, which was made as part of a museum exhibit, but it’s definitely pretty to look at. [Fashionably Geek]

Legend of Zelda action figures battle with claymation villains in this stop motion video. [Obvious Winner]

I see a lot of DIY nerdy shoes projects but they always look difficult. Jennifer Landa makes these Darth Maul sneakers look easy to make. [Home Geekonomics]

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