Original Trilogy Stars “Too Fat” for ‘Star Wars’?


When Obi-Wan Kenobi called The Force “an energy field created by all living things” that “binds the galaxy together,” I don’t think this is what he meant. Rumor patrol reports in that Original Star Wars trilogy stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are going to have to shape up if they want in for Episode VII.

According to The Sun, Star Wars producers and the Walt Disney studio wants Hamill, 61, and Fisher, 56, to look more like their ’77 to ’83 selves in terms of body image rather than their current physiques honed from years of sitting behind autograph tables at fan conventions. To that end, both actors have been given access to a personal trainer so that they can get in shape before shooting of Episode VII, which is expected to begin by year’s end. Harrison Ford meanwhile, whose rumored to be playing only a small part in the film, apparently has a ready-for-Star Wars physique already.

But seriously, really? Even the old(er) folks have to get in shape for Star Wars now? Well Fisher’s been rather frank about how her Princess Leia wardrobe gave her body image issues in the original trilogy, but when recently asked about Episode VII she sounded weirdly enthusiastic about getting in shape.

“I’m glad they are doing a new movie because they are sending a trainer to my house so I can get in really good shape. So I’m really eating a lot of sugar in advance, as you can see.

“By the time I really get down to it I will have eaten everything.”

As for Hamill, I was watching the season finale of Criminal Minds with my mom, in which Hamill played a revenge-minded serial killer out to slay the series’ star FBI profilers, and the first thing she said was he looks fat. My mom can be pretty harsh, but I think we all want to see a Luke Skywalker at ass-kicking strength for the sequel. Besides, he might like a personal trainer too.

What do you Bastards think? Do Hamill and Fisher need to get into shape for Episode VII?

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