Hey, guys, remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers and how awesome that TV show was?  Robot Chicken‘s parody of Captain Planet has ingrained itself in my mind and that’s all I can think about when I think about that show.

Word is that Sony Pictures is just wrapping up the negotiations that will grant them the rights to producing a film adaptation of the ’90s cartoon.  Sony’s got Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds), Don Murphy (Transformers) and Susan Montford (Vampire Academy) set to produce the feature with Andrea Giannetti overseeing for the studio.

A few attempts to bring this series back to life have fallen through in the past; an attempt to create a film adaptation didn’t move past the screenplay in the ’90s, and another attempt to create a live-action remake of the TV show in the late 2000s just never happened.  As far as we know, there’s no reason why this won’t move past the negotiation stage, so we’ll see if this time it actually becomes a thing.

For those of you who never got around to experiencing Captain Planet, The Hollywood Reporter has a pretty good overview:

The show was produced by Turner Broadcasting and DIC Entertainment, the latter known for Inspector Gadget and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon shows.

Captain Planet told the story of five teens from around the world – North America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America (if this isn’t tailored for today’s international marketplace, I don’t know what is) — that are given powers by Gaia, the Earth spirit, in order to protect the planet from the devastation of polluters.

When their powers are not enough, the teens combine to summon a superhero named Captain Planet.

The Captain and the Planeteers fought villains such as Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm, Duke Nukem, and Looten Plunder.

What do you guys think? Who do you think should be playing Captain Planet?

ETA: My fellow Nerd Bastards have put it out there: if it’s not Don Cheadle, we riot.  (War Machine Iron Patriot and Captain Planet? Some epic titles under his belt, that’s for sure.)

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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