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Above: In all three Lord of the Rings films poor Samwise never really got the credit for having to deal with all the crap he had to put up with. Thankfully Glen Brogan feels the hobbit’s pain and gave him the credit he rightfully deserves. [XombieDIRGE]

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The ladies of Disney have always been prim and proper in their dresses, but as Moulin Rouge-like performers the nightlife at Disneyland would be a bit more fun, created by illustrator and graphic designer MADHANZ. Follow the link to see all the other designs and the slightly creepy version of Mickey Mouse with a moustache. [Geekologie]


Actor Doug Jones has always been a great Abraham “Abe” Sapien for Hellboy, but he wasn’t really an intimidating force. After a bit of work from David Ogilvie he looks like he’s ready to tear stuff apart, not bad for a guy who was once a Victorian scientist and businessman from the 19th-century. [XombieDIRGE]


Finally, someone who understands Skeletor! He’s not a whiny wuss but a commanding kinda guy with a skeleton head. Part of a series of digital illustrations by Ruiz Burgos featuring a ton of detail and color these are some of the most lifelike drawings you might see for a while. [Crome Yellow]


The Star Wars universe is a dangerous one, it’s ruled by an insane old man with the power to shoot lighting from his fingertips, but that doesn’t worry Bruce Timm‘s version of Padmé Amidala. Sure, she looks like she just got into a bit of a scuffle, but hey, instant space fashion. [Comics Alliance]


Artist Steven Howard originally had never seen The Venture Bros. cartoon, but after watching a few episodes it’s safe to say he was hooked. Hooked enough to illustrate the Monarch battling Gotham’s Dark Knight. And he thought arching Dr. Venture was a pain in the neck… [Deviant Art]


Never has something looked so cute and deadly at the same time. Created as a challenge calling for unique interpretations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, artist sugarsart may have created the perfect kung-fu turtle. Don actually looks like a turtle and has matching color in his body to go with his mask, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? [Deviant Art]


Most professional artwork now is done up on a computer with programs, but if your still doing work like this you don’t ever need a computer. Created by Stjepan Sejic, this shot of the DC trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman is awesome more so when you learn this is all drawn in ball-point pen. Suck on that ms paint. [Herochan]


Regular “splashes” of color simply don’t work for artist Ken Krekeler, this guy literally needs to see colors splashed on his drawings. In a collection of watercolor based work featuring Marvel, DC and characters like Sailor Moon Ken get’s the color to leap off the page. [Herochan]


Deadpool with a wine bottle, beer cans, Tony Stark in some weird metal armour. Yep, nothing wrong here you know your truly evil when you’re using someone’s demon in a bottle to literally knock him out. If you know who put this together let us know. [Pop Culture Melting Pot]

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