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If Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody was a Wookiee bounty hunter. Even though Star Wars and Harry Potter are totally unrelated, I’m oddly OK with this. You’re Wookiee Harry! [GAS]


This BTTF’s Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case only makes you rich in spirit [Gizmodo]


Cosplayer Jessica L.  Gonzalez as Elasticgirl from The Incredibles. I’d let her wrap her arms around me.  [CBM]


Things The World War Z book has in common with the movie. Yeah, that’s about right.  [GeeksAreSexy]


When Ridley Scott’s ALIEN was first released, action figures were initially planned to follow. Of course, someone later thought it would be a bad idea to market a frightening, mass murdering alien to kiddies. So, the line was scrapped. Here we are, some 30 years later, and replicas of the original line are being offered as an exclusive at this years Comic Con. Sweet! [ToysRevil]


If you thought walking in heals was tough, may I present these LEGO stilettos. [Technabob].


Ever wanted to play Pac-Man in style of a first person shooter? Oh shit it’s a ghost, run motherfucker, run!  ‘FPS-Man’ was created by game designer Tom Davies and available for free play over at Kongregate. [Geekologie]

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Meet Larry Croft: If Lara were a man. I fail to see the point of this. The wardrobe is perfectly practical for jungle adventures. It’s hot in the jungle. [Cnet]

Epic Pac-Rim trailer in Minecraft. [NerdApproved]

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