Are you ready for Comic-Con? Well, too bad because you’ve still got three weeks to wait suckers! But it’s not all bad. In the lead up to one of the biggest conventions of the year studios have already begun teasing new footage to several upcoming movies, many of which will be featured at San Diego Comic-Con.

During this year’s annual CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain two of these studios, Disney and Fox, previewed exclusive footage from their upcoming Marvel feature films, including The Wolverine, Thor: The Dark World, next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And while no footage has been leaked as of yet the fine folks at ScreenDaily were in attendance and took note of everything going on between the two studios.

Over at the Disney presentation the company began with a never-before-seen production feature for the upcoming Thor: The Dark World, and followed it up with both footage and behind-the-scenes footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. No word on if any of the stars were in attendance for either film, but Disney must really have some high hopes for their Captain America sequel. In a pre-taped interview Winter Soldier co-Director Joe Russo said, “It’s going to be much greater than any Marvel movie to date.”

A big gamble considering Fox has both The Wolverine coming out next month and Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past on the way. Speaking of Singer, Fox showed off a new action scene from The Wolverine and a behind-the-scenes video tour of the Days of Future Past set. Fans of the film will have a sense of the set having already seen pictures and short video released by Singer, but in the video the director reveals what he calls his “in-between-quel”, “takes place all over the world, including in Russia,  China, France, Washington D.C., New York, Japan,” and beyond. According to Bryan the film will have, “more of an international flair than the other films.

This is only a rough idea, but if this is what the studios were showing off in Barcelona you can bet they’ll be bringing their “A” game to San Diego. Either that or we just got a preview of the exact same footage we’ll be seeing next month and just saved a few people a plane ticket and several hundred dollars. Guess we’ll find out in July.

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