As we slowly move into the next generation of video game consoles, we are finally starting to see this amazing new era of gaming take shape. WOW does it look annoying. Sony released a video today teasing the new social/multitasking interface for the Playstation 4 via some strange romantic comedy complete with the amusingly chubby third wheel.

We meet Will, a young twenty something that apparently lives in a shack somewhere and does nothing but play video games and eat frozen pizza. Will has a friend named Sarah, sort of low rent Taylor Swift that also plays video games all the time and is apparently homeless and living in a coffee shop. Goofy neighbor/possible serial killer Brian interrupts their PSN based flirtations with the siren call of pwning n3wbs in Killzone.

Oh I hope these two kids end up together.

If you can move past this hackneyed plot (because that’s whats been missing from my video game commercials, character development) you can actually catch a glimpse of the new GUI for the system (that doesn’t seem terrible.)

Did they have to make this so damn awkward and insanely unrealistic though? Where was the guy on his couch in his underwear meticulously stacking cheese wheels in Skyrim for 11 hours straight. Sony… get in touch with your key demo.

Really, the ball is officially back in Microsoft’s court to fire back with their own video showing off Xbox One users in a less annoying light. With the always on, always watching you all seeing eye that machine comes with… maybe they already are!?!?

And with God as my witness, I swear if any of you ever interupt me stacking my cheese wheels…


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