It’s a subject near and dear to my heart, female superheroes in the movies, or rather, the lack thereof. If you’re a regular reader of Nerd Bastards you’ve likely seen me rail on the subject almost ad nauseum. And I’m happy to hear I’m not alone in my concern for the disparaging inequality when it comes to representing women heroes on the big screen.

Joss Whedon is no stranger to talking about female superheroes and how important it is we get more of them in movies, especially those Marvel movies over which he holds great influence. After Wednesday night’s Saturn Awards, where Whedon strolled home with a heap of trophies, Collider grabbed him for a quick interview. When they asked him if more Marvel ladies will join Black Widow, Pepper Potts, and Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he responded, “YES.” No doubt there, folks! Whedon is determined to bring more women into the MCU. He continued,

I do try to make sure that the women in the movies aren’t window dressing, that they have something to say and something to do, and I’ve got some people in mind. Marvel’s got some great characters, so why not draw on them.

Why not draw on them, indeed. One of my favorite Marvel ass-kickers is Captain Marvel, and with her recently reinvigorated monthly title now’s the perfect time to prep Carol Danvers for the big screen. Funnily enough, Clark Gregg wants a Captain Marvel movie, too, and he’s interested in playing the lead role– wait, WHAT?

I can’t say this because these guys are like, giant muscular superheroes, but if I had a magical transformation, I wouldn’t mind being Captain Marvel. Although, there’s a new Captain Marvel in the comics who’s a lady alien, and she’s hot. I would be a lady alien Captain Marvel.

You heard it him, Clark Gregg for lady alien Captain Marvel!

Okay, so he’s not serious. Besides, she’s not really alien, she just inherited alien powers. There are always rumors a Captain Marvel movie is in the mix, and she’d make such a great addition to the MCU’s Avengers. I hope we see her soon!

Hit the jump to watch Whedon’s full Collider interview where he dishes on Agents of SHIELD and Avengers 2. Which of Marvel’s kick ass, women heroes do you want see in the MCU next?

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