Must Watch: Batman Vs. Deadpool Fight!


Whenever nerds gather in a circle and play the “What if Batman fought so and so…”, Bats always comes out the winner. Why? Because the answers always Batman! The Bat has a contingency-plan for everything. He outwits, outplays, and outlasts his opponents. I mean really, it’s pointless to argue/debate when Batman is the superior strategist.

So, I for one, am not surprised at the out come in this Batman Vs. Deadpool fight video, done by the creatives at batinthesun. I am, though, astonished at the top capita production. The cinematography, choreography, performances, and costumes were some of the tightest I’ve seen, for a fan video anyway. I want more of this!

Watch the fight below (note that the fight starts at 2:20) and feel free to add your two cents.

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