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Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience graced New York with Wizard’s first NYC con in awhile, moving to Pier 36. But while the event did draw thousands of geeks from New York’s tri-state area who were on the prowl for toys and a chance to interact with their favorite celebs, we braved the con in search of cool, fun, and sexy cosplayers.

And what a search it was…

Okay, here’s the deal, nobody wants to see a “cool tee shirt wearer” photo gallery, and at one point, I kinda thought that’s what we were going to be stuck with, because when I arrived in downtown Manhattan for the show, I was greeted by a vast line of anxious fans waiting to enter the convention — a line with nearly no cosplayers and a shit-ton of normies. Where’s the fun in that?

After an hour, I was beginning to really feel both the stress of whiffing on my assigned task and a sense of WTF as I had only seen a handful of cosplayers. I was starting to lose hope, wondering how this con had somehow excluded the cosplay world. Finally, a little more than 2 hours into the con, I started seeing more cosplayers, allowing me a chance to breath.

As for why I wasn’t hit by a stampede of cosplayers at the starting gate like we saw in Philly last month, I can only guess that it had something to do with timing, because the Adult Cosplay Contest didn’t start till 7PM.

Once the cosplayers began to saunter in, though, we did see the usual blend of heroes and vixens, some surprises and some familiar faces.

One of those familiar faces was our favorite Poison Ivy cosplayer from Wizard World Philly, Nicole Marie Jean. This time, she was dressed up as Red Sonja (that’s her in the top image), a costume that really blew me away.

Another awesome cosplayer I met was dressed as Whiplash. She looked fantastic and had attitude to match, telling me “I’m just that awesome” when I complemented her. I am down with crossplay.

On the guy side, there are a few that stood out. For one, we found the elusive semi-muscular Deadpool who could do the Merc with a Mouth justice. Sorry boys, but Wade requires more than a drawn on six-pack. Secondly Wolverine… damn. He’s up there in the top image too, and to my fellow geek girls and other lovers of fine fellas, I say, “You are welcome”.

Weirdest moment? I pulled a Star Wars cosplayer in with the tractor beam of my Yoda earings and then got a toy gun in my face (for dramatic effect) when it came time to take his picture.

In the end, I walked away loving the cosplay at the NYCC Experience, and though they weren’t there in droves, those who did brave the subway while wearing spandex did bring it, providing us with more than enough awesome to get us to San Diego, which is a little more than 2 weeks away!

Check out our cosplay pics from Wizard World NYC and let us know your favorite.

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