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Welcome to our Live Blog of the Stan Lee Q&A at Wizard World NYC’s Comic Con Experience. We’re here in a sweat lodge waiting for Henry Winkler to deliver an “inspirational speech” that I pray will be called “How to live a thumbs up life”. If Mr. Winkler drops any tidbits about Arrested Development or Children’s Hospital, I’ll let you know, but if not, then check back at 1pm ET for Stan and me and my iPhone that doesn’t yet know how to spell excelsior.

So… Bye for now.

Henry Winkler has left the building. He said “eyyyyy”, he was nice, said Barry will snap and kill Buster in the Arrested Development movie, which comes out in 2015 according to him.

Just fucking around. Stan Lee starts in 20 minutes. I want to ask him about cologne.

Stone cold "Mensch".

Stone cold “Mensch”.

Just 10 minutes till Stan Lee pulls up in the Batmobile. Rumor has it that Steve Ditko will not be making an appearance, but we’ll keep you updated.

Man in pink bow tie is speaking about winning a reality show. We have no care for his words! Bring us the magical elder!

Stan is running late. My ass is numb. These things are unrelated.

Still no Stan. Sources (friend on the show floor) says Stan was still signing at his booth as of 10 minutes ago. They say Live Blogs are supposed to help the reader feel like they are right there in the moment… This is some riveting shit.

Stan Lee has arrived. At last.

First question is about Star Wars comics at Marvel. Stan wants to know where George Lucas is, why he isn’t at the Con. Butter statues Stan, butter statues.

Next question is about breaking into comics. Stan advises the fellow to try another business. “You really need to be as good as the best” to get into comics now. Stan says he doesn’t know if he could get a job in comics today.

A child asks Stan what inspired him to “make Marvel”, the ghost of Jack Kirby appeared and choked the child out, looked to the stage, pointed a finger and yelled “producerrrr!”

Part of that didn’t actually happen.


Stan would like to be in DC movies now. Anywhere but in Metropolis Stan, anywhere but in Metropolis.

Fan asks Stan about Civil War or World War Hulk movie. Stan says its a great idea, says execs are fans, want to see the same thing that we want, then name checks a lot of projects we already know about.

Fan asks if Stan misses working with Kirby. Stan praises Kirby, Ditko, etc. Now he’s talking about the creative process with Kirby, from story to art, to dialogue, praises Kirby for his contributions.

Next question is about Stan’s hobbies. He lists his work with POW, no mention of fragrance. Hulk sad. He also mentions movie from POW and Chinese company about Annihilator.

Bob Kane question now. Stan says “Bob was one of the nicest guys in the world”, then talks about Kane’s love of being the creator of Batman. No word on Bill Finger’s feelings on the matter.

Stan says Diablo is the one character he failed at. He expounded on that a bit with us back in October during NYCC.

Stan says he has recorded a ton of voice appearances for upcoming cameo appearances in Marvel cartoons. A janitor, a mayor…

Stuff gets kinda heavy as a girl asks if a God can die, i.e. Thor.

“Not if Marvel keeps making money”.

Fan asks if anyone will ever be as Legendary as Stan: “how could they be?” Stan jokes.

Some dude in an anarchy shirt asks a long assed question about what gives Stan his drive: “greed” jokes Lee before explaining his love if the craft.

Last question, asks if there have been any adaptations that he was not pleased with:

Stan isn’t a fan of the way Dr. Doom was portrayed in Fantastic Four. Then pitches himself for DC cameos again.

And that’s all from the Stan Lee live blog.


Excelsior, bitches!

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