Yes, friends: It’s that magical time of year once again….Comic-Con season! Comic book conventions have spread like the bacteria carried by many an unsanitary fanboy, but say “Comic-Con” and everybody automatically knows you’re referring to the San Diego Comic-Con. It is Nerd Mecca, and all of us hope to make the pilgrimage at least ONCE in our lives.

Some go for the panels where they hope to get autographs from, or even ask questions of their idols. Others go to view, and/or participate in the cosplay scene–but today, we focus on those who go to bankrupt themselves on the various exclusives SDCC offers attendees every year.

This year’s con offers everything from fads we wish would just go away (Angry Birds, My Little Pony), to utterly absurd pieces (A Breaking Bad “Walter White in Hazmat Suit” figure), to classic icons of nerddom (Star Wars, Masters of the Universe).

Con-goers should expect a deafening chorus of “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” to ring across the convention center when folks see gems like the Hot Wheels A-Team van and “Old School” BSG Cylon Raider, and Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite.

Here’s a fairly good cross-section of the delights that will be available for purchase at the San Diego Convention Center from July 18-21…and then never again (except when their buyers put them on eBay).




Marvel Universe 3.85 Deadpool Corps special edition figure set.

The Merc with a Mouth teams up with his favorite allies — alternate universe versions of himself– in this highly collectible and unique action figure set. The 3.75-inch Marvel Universe figures of Deadpool, Lady Deadpool and Champion of the Universe, along with figurines of Kidpool, Dogpool and Squirrelpool come packaged in individual “taco shells,” all inside a collectible taco truck package! Following the convention, a limited number will be available on HasbroToyShop.com.


Marvel Legends Thunderbolts ($89.99)

Hasbro Marvel San Diego Comic Con exclusive to be a box set featuring 6″ Marvel Legend figures based on Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts team. The set includes Judith Chambers, Ghost, Crossbones, Cage and Moonstone. The figures are based on designs by Thunderbolts comic artist Kev Walker. The packaging is made to look like the Thunderbolts tower.


Angry Birds Star Wars Special Action Figure Set ($24.90)

The original 12 Star Wars action figures are re-imagined for San Diego Comic-Con with a twist based on the mega-hit mobile game ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS from Rovio Entertainment! Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Sand People, Imperial Navt Commander and Jawa are all re-imagined as heroic birds or evil pigs in this set, with each figure in a unique vintage-style blister card featuring ANGRY BIRDS homage to the classic Kenner artwork! The individual blister cards are all packaged together in a collectible package!


My Little Pony DJ Pon-3 ($49.99)

A fan favorite who first appeared in the first season of Friendship is Magic, DJ Pon-3 makes her debut with a Comic-Con exclusive — and a shiny one at that. In addition to a musical note as her “cutie mark,” her sunglasses and unicorn horn are embellished with Swarovski crystal elements that tie into the year’s theme of the Crystal Empire. Even DJ Pon-3’s special packaging lights up.


” Glitter N Gold” Jem and the Holograms ($140.00)

Gen is outrageous, and she’s back again at Comic Con! This fully articulated 12-inch fashion doll features hand-applied eyelashes and pink and golden blond accented rooted hair, styled in Jem’s signature look. As a tribute to the original doll from 1986, this themed mini gift set includes two complete looks. The gift set includes the Jem doll, two outfits, two pairs of shoes, Jemstar earrings, the Glitter ‘N Gold Award (with removable gold album), a new wireless microphone accessory, a limited edition Glitter ‘N Gold vaccu-chrome plated doll display stand and exclusive certificate of authenticity.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 11.28.36 PM

G.I. Joe Skystriker vehicle with Jetfire deco and V.A.M.P. with Autobot hound deco and 3.75-Ince Snake Eyes and Baroness & Deception Bludgeon ($99.99)

This year’s G.I. Joe/Transformers exclusive is the third and final installment in a special series of annual mash-ups, and while the two previous exclusives focused on Decepticons — a Skystriker jet with a Starscream paint job, and a Shockwave deco on a G.I. Joe Retaliation movie H.I.S.S. Tank — the 2013 edition focuses on the good guys. Paying homage to a G.I. Joe/Transformers comic-book miniseries in the ’80s, the set includes a Skystriker in the colors of the Autobot Jetfire and a G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. vehicle retooled to reflect Hound, a cult favorite whose original automobile form was that of an Army Jeep. To pair with the vehicles, the set stars the Cobra femme fatale Baroness with the Decepticon character Ravage, G.I. Joe ninja Snake Eyes with an Autobot logo on his outfit, the Autobot Blaster in his boom-box form and his tapes, and a robotic samurai warrior with a skeleton head in the colors of the Decepticon Bludgeon


Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite  ($49.99)

Boba Fett is coming to San Diego Comic-Con, and he’s bringing a friend. Since Boba Fett is a SDCC exclusive, he is going to be coming in slightly different packaging than the rest of the figure in the Star Wars Black Series, though still looking similar. He stands about 6 inches tall and comes packaged with 2 weapons, his iconic jet pack, and the best accessory of all: Han Solo in Carbonite



Masters of the Universe Classics Rokkon & Stonedar 2-Pack ($60)

The Comet Warriors have arrived! This 2-pack of vintage MOTU Rockmen figures includes the young and excitable Rokkon and the wise and heroic Stonedar. Recreate the Filmation look with snap-on arm and leg armor, or go bold(er) and transform into full rock mode with the additional snap-on front piece! Each figure also comes with trademark laser gun that they can hold, or can be snapped into chest. These figures, sculpted by the Four Horsemen, come in window box packaging and are not part of Club Eternia.


Masters of the Universe Classics Mini He-Man & Skeletor® Figures ($20)

Great things come in small packages! At long last, the fan demanded mini versions of He-Man® and Skeletor®… in a foldout mini Castle Grayskull® diorama package! Each figure has six points of articulation at the arms, legs, waist and neck, and comes with snap-on accessories such as a Power Sword®, shield and havoc staff. He-Man® features a shield with traditional j-hook, allowing it to be held out in front instead of clipped onto his arm!


Man of Steel™ Movie Masters Superman vs. General Zod Movie Pack ($50.00)

This 2-pack brings to life the super charged battle between two powerful Kryptonians, Superman and the General Zod, an exciting diorama set in the city of Metropolis! The package features lights that simulate Superman’s Heat Ray vision, and shows off the Kryptonian’s super strength and flying ability. The diorama is completed with sound effects to help bring the scene to life.


DCU Club Infinite Earths “Shazam!” New 52 ($25)

Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, this is the first ever figure of the New 52 Billy Batson, the boy turned DC Super Hero known as “Shazam!” Not included with club subscriptions, this figure arrives with a removable hood in Club Infinite Earths die cut packaging with distinctive silver foil. The perfect addition to your DCU collection!


BATMAN Classic TV Series Batman Batusi Batman ($30)

It’s the dance craze that swept the nation! For the first time ever, this Batusi Batman figure recreates the iconic dance from the Batman Classic TV series! Sculpted with authentic likeness and featuring a fabric cape, this figure has unique articulation and an internal mechanism that allows it to perform the Batusi. The diorama package features vintage-look art from Shag, and a sound feature plays music with a ‘60s vibe to perfectly capture the scene where Batman shows off his unique Batusi moves. The package is designed so the Batusi dance moves can be activated without removing the figure.


Catwoman Barbie Doll

The Caped Crusader has met his match… the purr-fectly beguiling Catwoman toys with Batman™ while planning fantastic jewel heists! Her acrobatic skills and seductive style have been featured in the original comics, the live action TV shows, blockbuster movies and multiple animated series, and now Barbie® doll takes on the role of this famous DC Comics character wearing a re-creation of the iconic BATMAN Classic TV Series costume, complete with mask and cat ears!


Monster High Webarella ($25)

This year’s Monster High SDCC offering is the silky smooth Daughter of Arachne, dressed in her costume as the Power Ghoul Webarella


Hot Wheels A-Team Custom GMC Panel Van ($20):

We love it when a plan comes together! The members of the A-Team were the top action adventure heroes of the ‘80s, and their van was one of the reasons why. This updated A-Team Custom GMC Panel Van features “mud” deco added to the wheels, body, and window, and arrives housed in an ammo box-style package. We pity the fool who doesn’t snag this cool ride! Features include Real Riders® wheels and diecast body and chassis.


Hot Wheels Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider ($10):

Destruction of the Twelve Colonies and the human race is the objective, and the Cylons will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the thrilling TV show with this 1:64 scale Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider! Featuring VUM finish and die-cast body and chassis, this detailed replica comes on a commemorative blister card recalling the look of the original packaging from 1978. A perfect addition to any vintage collection, and a must-have for Battlestar Galactica fans!


Hot Wheels® Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper ($10)

In the desperate search for the fabled thirteenth colony, surviving pilots from the Twelve Colonies fly these single-person crafts, ever watchful for enemy Cylons. You’ve waited for many yahrens… now you can celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the original 1978 TV show with this finely detailed replica Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper! In 1:64 scale with VUM finish and die-cast body and chassis, this fighter plane comes on a commemorative blister card that evokes the original Mattel packaging and fits seamlessly into your vintage collection.



Breaking Bad Deluxe Walter White in Hazmat suit ($35)

Mezco presents Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Edition, this much anticipated figure features Walter in his trademark bright yellow suit.  He comes complete with a fifty-five gallon chemical drum and a trio of lab bottles.
Paying tribute to the famous Breaking Bad episode FLY, this edition contains a scale replica of Walter’s makeshift flyswatter. The whole set is discreetly packaged in a collector-friendly package with a Los Pollos Hermanos slipcover you can’t get anywhere else.


Thundercats Cheetara/Snarf 2-pack ($50)

This mega scale multipack features Cheetara, the Thundarian noble who is as lovely as she is brave and cunning, and Snarf, the much beloved sidekick of the Thundercats. This exclusive version of Cheetara features glow in the dark eyes; superbly detailed, with 10 points of articulation, perfectly capturing not only the iconic look of Cheetara as she appeared in the classic television series, but the essence of Cheetara as she proudly wields her signature bo staff in defense of her comrades.  Snarf, the comedic yet fiercely loyal sidekick of the ThunderCats, stands a snarfing 5 inches tall (in scale with the rest of Mezco’s ThunderCats Series) and snarfs a snarfity snarf snarf.


San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Super Best Friends Forever Action Figure Set by DC Collectibles - Wonder Girl Donna Troy, Batgirl & Supergirl

Super Best Friends Forever 3-pack of Donna Troy, Batgirl and Supergirl ($49.95)

One of the best DC Nation animated shorts that have been airing on the Cartoon Network these past two years is “Super Best Friends Forever” starring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl Donna Troy. Super hero girl power has never been so good!!! Based on that short comes this epic San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Super Best Friends Forever Action Figure Set by DC Collectibles featuring the animated look of these three popular heroes. The San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Super Best Friends Forever Action Figure 3 Pack by DC Collectibles stands between 5.45”-6.8” tall.

f Green Lantern 4 Pack by DC Collectibles - Black Hand, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, Sinestro Corps Member Arkillo & Green Lantern Sinestro Action Figures

Supeheroes of Green Lantern 4 Pack ($50)

Green Lantern Sinestro and Dex-Starr were sculpted by Robert Lynders and Arkillo and Black Hand were sculpted by Phil Ramirez. Make sure to put the universe’s most fearsome foursome on your must-have list for SDCC; you don’t want to cross this intergalactic quartet! This set is in the 3.75” scale. This is the latest in the popular 3.75” con exclusive action figure from DC Collectibles.


Arkham City Dr. Hugo Strange ($29.95)

Hugo Strange was sculpted by Sam Greenwell. The Hugo Strange Action Figure is based on the designs of the critically acclaimed video game from Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Batman: Arkham City. He measures approximately 6.75” tall.



Metallic Batman: The Dark Knight ($64.99)

From Director Christopher Nolan’s final chapter of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, comes Batman as a PLAY ARTS KAI action figure, re-imagined in a metallic black finish for thier San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive! This exclusive figure is a very limited run item with only 1000 pieces created.



10th Doctor Tuxedo Variant ($10)

Titan’s blind boxed Doctor Who vinyl figures have become quite popular, and now there’s one to hunt down at this year’s SDCC. From the 2007 Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned” comes a tuxedo clad 10th Doctor variant.



Thundercats minimates set of 5 ($22)

As his homeworld crumbled around him, young Prince Lion-O fled Thundera with the noble Jaga. Jaga would sacrifice himself to ensure his ward reached the safety of Third Earth, but little did he know the dangers the boy would face, most notably his old foe Grune the Destroyer and a new threat, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living. Includes a Ma-Mutt PVC Minimate! Limited edition of 3,000.

Masters of the Universe Faker Power Sword Letter Opener ($20)

Created by Skeletor, He-man’s robot twin sneaks into the power sword line up as an exclusive variant. This letter opener measures approximately 7 inches long and stores nicely in the Castle Grayskull business card holder (sold separately). Limited Edition of 600.


Masters of the Universe He-Man with Battle Axe and Shield Mini Bust paper weight ($59.99)

Keep your papers safe from Eternian winds with the Icon Heroes San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Masters of the Universe He-Man Mini Bust Paperweight! Based on the 1980’s Filmation television series, He-Man wields his battle axe and shield atop a Castle Grayskull tower base defying evil. Designed and sculpted by Joe Amaro and the Four Horsemen, this complete piece comes with sheath and Master of the Universe logo. Cast in high quality polystone, the He-Man Mini Bust Paperweight stands approximately 10 inches tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of the axe. Limited to 500 pieces.



Albino Predator ($25)

Continuing in the tradition of the Big Red Predator from Predators Series 7, the Albino Predator SDCC Exclusive Action Figure comes to us from a fan film. Originally seen in Dead End, the Albino Predator now gets a much-deserved new interpretation as a special treat for fans headed to San Diego!


Jason Voorhees from the NEXT ‘Friday the 13th’ Game ($25.00)

The 1989 8-bit Friday the 13th has been rightly called one of the worst video games of all time, and like anything truly terrible worth its salt, has built a considerable cult following as a result.

NECA loves Friday the 13th. New, old, original, sequels, Freddy vs. Jason, it doesn’t matter. And when it comes to saluting cult heroes (or villains, as it were), they’re keen to embrace what most consider missteps along the way. Hence Video Game Jason.

Complete with glowing hands, feet, mask and weapons, the Video Game Jason Voorhees Action Figure brings new life to the horror icon’s appearance in that lost classic of lousy gaming.


Kick-Ass 2: Uncensored set of 3 figures ($75)

NECA’s Kick Ass 2 Series 1 action figures will hit retail shelves this August but they will be branded in a “PG” manner safe for the masses. “KA2” will be the title on the packaging and the character names will be sanitized accordingly – KA and MF’er for example.

However at SDCC you will be able to purchase all three of the Series 1 figures first and most importantly in “R” Rated Uncensored Packaging. Sold as a set of all three individually packaged figures, Kick Ass, Hit Girl and The Motherfucker will be available at the NECA booth.


Kick-Ass 2: ‘Betsy Ross’ Ax Handle Prop Replica ($50)

Modeled directly on the prop used by Colonel Stars & Stripes in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, NECA’s Ax Handle prop replica — which the Colonel himself has dubbed “Betsy Ross” — is a whole new take on American grit.

Super 7


ALIEN ReAction Figures by Super7 ($100)

1979 Alien action figures were canceled, and these 3 3/4″ figures are based on the prototypes.  Now, under supervision from 20th Century Fox, Super7 will sell these limited edition figures at SDCC.  Per the press release, “Each is stylized exactly as items from the ‘golden age’ of action figures with approximately five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.”

Fore more exclusives, see a full list via Awesome Toy Blog



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