Fans are are heavily invested in James Mangold‘s The Wolverine to right the wrongs done to the character in both X3 and Wolverine: Origins. With the release date, July 26th, looming ever closer, Mangold, Hugh Jackman, and others discuss what sets The Wolverine apart from previous stories in this latest featurette, A Ronin Story. In it, Jackman touches on the isolation of Wolverine, saying,

Wolverine is the ultimate outsider. And in our movie, which takes place after X-Men 3, he’s probably more isolated than you’ve ever seen Wolverine. He has lost hope, and it’s a dangerous place for someone as powerful as Wolverine.

But the talking heads aren’t really what you’re here for, are they? What you want is the new footage, which is inter cut between interview snippets, but still gives us the best look at the movie since the trailers.

Man, does this movie look awesome! I can only hope I won’t be woefully disappointed. I remember how excited I was for X3 and Origins, and the distasteful sting they left me with. Have you decided to give The Wolverine a chance? Or have your wounds yet to heal?

Source: Digital Spy via Blastr

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