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For you folks eagerly awaiting news of the long-promised and much-delayed World of Warcraft flick, it looks like things are finally moving in the right direction.  The powers-that-be at Legendary Pictures have decided that they’re on-track enough to give us an official shooting date for the film and it looks like it will be coming up pretty quick.

According to the Legendary boss-people, they’re going to start shooting sometime in early 2014.  In addition, they’re hoping to have the film ready and released sometime in 2015 (most likely summer).  So in just a few years, we’ll get the chance to see this Duncan Jones (Moon) directed and Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) written adaptation, along with all the orcs, elves and chainmail bikini-clad heroines that such an undertaking entails.

Personally, I’m not a WoW fan, but this team-up has me greatly intrigued.  Hopefully, we’ll see a video game movie that doesn’t make us want to cry.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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