The Graham Norton Show is a fantastic talk show that always seems to bring out the crazy in its guests. Samuel L Jackson was recently on the show and told the story of how he talked George Lucas into creating Mace Windu for him and how Windu ended up with that iconic purple lightsaber blade. It seems that Jackson wanted people, and himself, to be able to pick Windu out of the huge, crowded fight scene amidst all those green Jedi blades.

Jackson goes on to describe some changes he made to the lightsaber prop, the addition of the inscription: “Bad Motherf**ker.” That makes sense though it has to match the wallet he carries around.

What do you think? Did he live up to the inscription? Many fans are of the opinion that Mace survived the fall in that final battle. Anyway you look at it, he was a bad mother . . . Shut your mouth . . . I’m just talkin’ bout Windu.

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