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ABOVE: Take your nerdiness to the beach with these hero-kinis from SciFeyeCandy. You can cosplay while you swim as Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn or an X-Men (to name a few). [Fashionably Geek]

doctor who monopoloy

Nerd-up your family game nights with these Doctor Who monopoly pieces from Donald James. For $10 you get your choice of a TARDIS, K-9 or dalek.

black widow cookie

Gingers are delicious and so is Black Widow… wait, that doesn’t sound right. I meant the cookie, people! Get your minds out of the gutters. I love the detail on the outfit of this Black Widow, but she doesn’t have a face, so she’s also kind of creepy. [Home Geekonomics]


What better way to celebrate the final season of Dexter than to eat his face? This blood orange flavored cake took over 100 hours to make. This is just the head…. the bakers at Conjurers Kitchen made an entire life-sized replica of Michael C. Hall…… that’s not weird at all, nope, certainly not. [Obvious Winner]

steampunk laptop cover

If you have $1,250 you can buy this steampunk laptop cover…. yes, that’s just for the cover. You have to buy your own computer. But who cares? This is FANTASTIC. Someone buy it for me. [Etsy]


All 12 songs from Zelda’s Ocarina of Time have been recreated as rings! Individually, these run $60 and together they cost $450, which really isn’t that bad all things considered.  [Geekologie]


A new breed of daleks has emerged! This dalek was grown in a petri dish out of E.coli, you know, the bacteria responsible for food poisoning. Grossly cool. [Topless Robot]

pacman shoes

Nerd inspired handpainted shoes are a bit of trend right now, but I really love these Ms. Pac-Man heels. If Ms. Pac-Man had feet she would totally wear them while running through mazes & chasing after ghosts. [Etsy]

This is incredible! Watch AmputeeOT make her own prosthetic leg out of LEGOs. [Obvious Winner]

Despite how odd it may sound to make a dance video that pays tribute to Final Fantasy, this video is pretty slick. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Oh I love love love this first episode of Cospladies. It profiles Ivy Doomkitty’s cosplay journey. Ivy discusses how cosplay has helped her get over her issues of low self-esteem – which is a reason that many people cosplay.

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