As we inch closer to the apocalypse cancellation date (July 12th) Legendary Pictures has pumped out a couple of new videos for the upcoming giant monster on giant robot epic, Pacific Rim. Up first is the third official trailer that is actually focusing on the people in the giant robots. I know, right? But they are in there and we should probably care about them. After all it takes a person to make a giant robot hit a Kaiju in the face with an oil tanker.

Next. Are you suffering from gout, impotence, male pattern baldness, hives, shingles, female pattern baldness or any other number of ailments? Do you feel tired or anxious? Want to feel better and be more active? Then Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman) has exactly what you need, the freshly harvested organs of a giant undersea space lizard thing! Yes, black market monster organs will cure just about anything according to this new, and very enjoyable viral infomercial. Seriously, I would buy whatever this man is selling.

Apparently with the release of the above, some people have even been receiving a care package from Chau detailing the benefits of Kaiju based medicine and even a few samples of his wares. Following pictures are from SHH because I assume my box of monster guts is still in transit. Hope it gets here soon, I hear Kaiju tongue is a hell of an aphrodisiac that can also take out grease stains. Don’t ask.






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