As one of the younger Doctor Who fans on the planet I never got into the BBC series until midway through its revival in 2005. It wasn’t because of the plot or adjusting to British slang, that learning curve is long gone, it was the Northern accent of star Christopher Eccleston that did some of us in. For us Canadians anyway, it almost led to the unthinkable – re-dubbing The Doctor.

Language barriers are nothing new, but why re-dub English with Canadian English?

Well, it appears Blogtor Who got their hands on a copy of the upcoming Doctor Who special-edition DVD, “The Green Death“, featuring a documentary titled “The Unquiet Dead“. In the documentary, Who showrunner Russell T. Davies and the BBC’s former controller of drama commissioning Jane Tranter discuss the CBC‘s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) suggestion to re-dub Christopher’s voice with a Canadian. They’re reason being Canadian audiences wouldn’t be able to understand the Doctor’s distinct accent. This was brought up due to the fact that the company at the time was a financing partner and co-producer of the series in 2005.

No offense to my people, but I grew up surrounded by people from Newfoundland, the accent is almost exactly that same. Even then there’s no need for it and, thankfully, Davies dismissed the notion saying, “You’re not doing that to our lead actor!

And with that the show went on, three Doctors later and we’re still dubbing-free. What do you think, though? Should Canada have a had a Canadian voiced Doctor?

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