Granted, we probably dodged a bullet when David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman series was snubbed by NBC, but it seems Nerd Potentate Joss Whedon had a concept for a live-action film starring DC Comics most popular heroine back in 2007 that, if the man himself is to be believed, might have had a shot.

But back then, he wasn’t the director of The Avengers, he was a creator of cult TV shows with a rabid, but still relatively small following. No one knew yet what he could do with a big-budget summer blockbuster. Those who know his work know he’s got a serious knack for strong female characters, as well as a deep understanding of the source material. His WW movie could have been epic, but he was too big a risk at the time.

Warner Bros. torpedoed Whedon‘s idea back in ’07, which one can only imagine they were kicking themselves over a few years later when the man they snubbed directed arguably the most famous, acclaimed, and profitable superhero flick since the first Superman.

We have to wonder if Joss ever felt like rubbing his success in the faces of the folks at Warner’s who lacked faith in him six years ago… Here’s what he had to say on the subject in an interview with Crave Online,

Early on. It’s like grief: there’s a period of anger where you’re like ‘hey, remember all those times when I told you it would’ve worked? THEY believed me, and it did! So now I’m going to get angry about stuff that I had pretty much dealt with.’

So yeah, you do sort of want to have a ‘slap line’ of everybody you’ve ever worked for. But I’ve been luckier than most people so you get over that.

So while it’s certainly occurred to Whedon that it’d be fun to watch the WB brass squirm over their lack of foresight, he’s not bitter, and he’s not dwelling on it.

Whatever the Nerd God of Character Death had in mind for Wondie, it’s clear he’d just be happy to see her get her due on the big or small screen. Whedon’s open letter to his fans from last year after The Avengers opened showed amply that he’s more interested in the success of the genre than the success of Joss Whedon,

Nolan and Raimi INVENTED the true superhero flick, yo. (Special mention to Jon Favreau and James Gunn.) Happy to be in the mix.

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