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Oh shit. There goes our market value, kemosabe.

I’m going to say it and I’m not going to be the only one who has said it over the last year or so – the idea of a Jerry Bruckheimer produced Lone Ranger film starring Johnny Depp was a bad, bad idea.  But they did not listen to my psychic warnings and went ahead with the thing anyways, and now is the time when I get to say, “I almost told you so!”  Yes, the Lone Ranger has opened poorly and looks like it will be mimicking last year’s John Carter film with its epic level of financial fail.

The first five-days of the flick’s opening, the glorious July 4th weekend that should have seen some great numbers, only panned out to less than $50 million.  This is about one-tenth of what was spent on the movie’s production and marketing.  The “experts” are saying that if Lone Ranger continues its current poor trend, it won’t even reach the $300 million mark in total.

In my opinion, it’s no big surprise.  After all, the Bruckheimer/Depp cliché-boat sailed long ago once they made a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film.  Even that franchise is losing ground and the only reason it keeps going is because of the momentum it still has from the first film.  Making what essentially looks like Pirates in the old west (i.e.: without the fucking pirates) a bad idea, and they’ll be paying for it to the tune of $200+ million.

What do you folks out there think?  Have you had a chance to see Lone Ranger yet?  Does it deserve the level of fail it’s achieved?


Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the heads-up.

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