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ABOVE: This unsettling-ly sexy Venom bodypaint crossplay comes to us via discret incognito78. [Fashionably Geek]


Doctor Who seems to be the bacon of geek enthusiasms: There’s NOTHING that can’t be improved by adding it. Today, Red Bubble brings us one of the cleverer DW mash-ups we’ve seen in a while with this t-shirt by Onebluebird… It’s impossible not to smile imagining the minions bringing home the TARDIS to Grue, and I love the one-eyed dude riding on top brandishing the sonic screwdriver. Little guy looks so proud! [Fashionably Geek]


This delightfully nerdy bit of artwork by Kehchoonwee via DeviantArt shows one fan’s idea of how Han and Chewie might look through the eyes of director Tim Burton. The piece caught my attention specifically because a few months back, I actually pondered what Star Wars: Episode VIII might be like if Burton (among others) tackled it. [Nerd Approved]


Geeky license plates are nothing new, but I don’t think anyone will top the sheer ingenuity of the example above, posted by Snackey on Tumblr… I just hope he likes Acura Legends, because they’re the only car his clever little joke will work with. “Camaro Of Zelda” just wouldn’t be the same… [Nerd Approved]


That’s Kristine, and she decided provide an object lesson regarding the difference between how many guys IMAGINE women look while they game, and the reality (well, Kristine’s reality, to be specific). You can see more of Kristine on her Tumblr. [Geek Girls’ Facebook Page]


There’s a long story here, and I highly recommend you check out the Occupy Midian website for all the details. Suffice to say, an extended version of 1980s cult horror classic Nightbreed, based on Clive Barker’s novel Cabal, was put together using extra footage long rumored to exist somewhere in the archives of Morgan Creek. This version is supposedly truer to the original novel, and is the Nightbreed Barker WANTED. Unfortunately, it’s only been available for screening at film festivals and conventions, but a petition is out there in hopes that fans can convince Morgan Creek to produce a DVD/Blu-ray version. [The Official Clive Barker Facebook Page]


These are Cake Pops… and they’re exactly as advertised: cake and icing on a stick. A cousin of someone very close to me makes these and sells them online through a Facebook Page. She can design just about anything you wish, but lately has experimented with some nerdy styles: Above are tiny, edible Ninja Turtle and Ewok heads on sticks.

If that’s your thing, contact her on Facebook at Becca’s Cupboard. If you’re interested, but do not have Facebook, contact me through Nerd Bastards, and I’ll get you any information you need.


Anyone who grew up in the ’80s, or is a fan of MOTU, Ghostbusters, or You Can’t Do That On Television is aware of the myriad joys of slime… If you’ve never experienced it, then you really can’t explain it. Well, now thanks to the good people at, you can make globules of gooey goodness for your own enjoyment. [Geeks Are Sexy]


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