Superman Saves People, Pa Kent Pissed


Luke Junior is a 24 year old, mild mannered security guard in the UK, but on the 22nd of June, he was acknowledged as a hero thanks to his efforts to thwart a robbery.

Why do we care? Because Junior was dressed up as Superman for a charitable benefit when he took down a thieving thug whose name I pray is Otis.

Here’s “Superman” telling The Telegraph how everything went down:

“He tried to run away from the manager so I grabbed him again and he was kicking off. Then I ended up physically restraining him against the window. […] Everyone else was cheering and clapping. Then the Superman music came on. […] I went back to the children and, as Superman would, I told them to always stay on the right side of the law.”

Three cheers to the guy who pulled up a MIDI file of the Superman theme on his flip phone, because that guy is the real hero, but seriously, Junior actually is a real hero. Apparently, the guy also pulled two people out of a car crash when he was in his teens (Oh, Clark…), and he’s hoping to become a fire fighter (cue arctic breath joke).

We here at NerdBastards applaud Junior’s efforts and thank him for both saving the day and for apprehending the suspect without leveling a city block.

Source: The Telegraph


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