walking dead 400 days

Making video games out of popular television shows and movies is nothing new.  And having those games turn out to be about as entertaining as licking dog shit off the bottom of your grandma’s sneakers is also nothing new.  But, at least in my opinion, one company got it right.  Last year, Telltale Games released a story-driven adaptation of The Walking Dead and, unlike that other Walking Dead game that people were irate over, Telltale’s version of the franchise received much praise from fans of the show and comics.  Now, in preparation for their next installment of their game series, they’ve dropped some DLC on us.

Telltale is dedicated to making all of their games link together, so what you did in the first game will carry over to the next one.  And what you do in this DLC, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, will also carry over to the next game.  I’ve seen the game played through already and, although it’s not very long at all, it’s a great way to introduce players to the characters that will be in the next game without wasting too much time in that game jumping around between character backgrounds.  All-in-all, another Telltale win.

The game is already out, but if you’re still not sold on it, check out this trailer below and see what you think:

Thanks to GeeksofDoom for the heads-up.

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