Donald Glover Returning to Greendale Only Part-Time


There have been a lot of changes for Community the last couple of years, but fans of the show were maybe hoping for some more stability going into the new season. Sadly though, they’re about to be disappointed.

As the networks gear up to begin production on the fall shows, we get the news that Donald Glover will only be returning to Greendale’s campus part-time when Community returns in 2014. According to Vulture, Glover has signed a new deal with Community’s studio Sony to appear in just five out of the show’s 13-episode fifth season. The reason, it seems, is that Glover wants to free up more time for side projects like his musical career as Childish Gambino and working on a new sitcom based in part on his life.

Glover going part-time will mean a leaner main cast for the unexpected fifth season of Community, Chevy Chase bailed on the show just two episodes shy of the end of season four. But hey, Dan Harmon‘s back!

So how badly will you miss Troy, fellow Bastards? Sound off below.

Source: Screen Rant

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