Us Doctor Who fans have gotten used to hearing the announcement as to who will play the next Doctor not long after the current one announces that he will be bowing down. This time, it’s been a while since Matt Smith, our Eleventh Doctor, shared with us the sad, sad news that Eleven will be regenerating at the end of the Christmas special this year.

It’s been a while, and we haven’t heard even a peep from the BBC.  What’s up?  Of course, there has been loads of fan speculation.  My little nephew even told me he thought the next Doctor would be Zac Efron (I set the poor kid straight, don’t you guys worry).

John Barrowman, our beloved Captain Jack, has shared his two cents on the matter.  He thinks we should have a Time Lady.  I’m down for that; it would be interesting, at the very least.

From Radio Times:

“We’ve had great guys playing the role. The character of River Song was so popular in the last part of the series and it was such an impact, why shouldn’t we have a female doctor,” Barrowman tells ITV’s Daybreak.

Barrowman, who played the character of Captain Jack Harkness in the sci-fi series, adds, “Give it a whirl, if it doesn’t work she can always regenerate, she can always regenerate back to a man – I’ve been there, I’ve watched them do it.”

It’s been discussed at length within the Who fandom whether there should be a female incarnation of the Doctor, and it seems that fans fall into one of two camps: a) a female would be neat and b) the Doctor’s gotta be packin’.  Well.

We know Barrowman thinks that a Lady Doctor would be a worthwhile thing to explore.  I agree.  What do you guys think?  Is it time for a Time Lady?

Source: Radio Times, Blastr

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