Last week, Empire reported Neil Marshall was coming back to direct the finale of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, but their claim was thrown into question when Winter is Coming warned fans not to get too excited as they hadn’t heard the same confirmation from their sources. Today, though, everyone’s on the same page as Variety is confirming Empire’s original claim, only with one, little detail changed.

Marshall will be returning to direct, it just won’t be the finale, but rather the one before the finale, Episode 409. And honestly, that’s all the better. As Season 1 through 3 have proven, the ninth episode is where the shit hits the fan: Ned’s beheading, the Battle of the Blackwater, The Red Wedding. What happens in the ninth episode of the fourth season? Book readers know there’s another big battle on the horizon, and since Marshall directed “Blackwater” with such aplomb, I can think of no one better to helm the episode containing that battle.

Excited to have Marshall back in the director’s seat for what will likely be Game of Thrones Season 4’s most bombastic episode?

Source: Winter is Coming

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