A new full pager for the Cartoon Networks‘ forthcoming Beware The Batman is making the rounds. It’s been no secret this new CGI cartoon is going to take the road less traveled villains wise, pulling from the more obscure baddies to face off against the Bat. We’ve seen Professor Pyg, Toad, Magpie and Anarky before and this new promo adds three more into the mix. Any guesses who they are?



Ok, Humpty Dumpty is kinda obvious. The albino ape type thing has to be Ultra-Humanite (since he’s the only albino ape in comics, however he was a Superman villian, hrrm.) Top middle could be Kobra, or a Kobra henchman, and lower right handside is Talia al Ghul? Or is she too mainstream for this new Bat’oon?

Who knows, maybe we’ll just have to wait till the shows debut this Saturday (Jul 13) at 10am ET/PT on the Cartoon Network.

via: CBR

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