The parenthetic question mark in the headline is meant to imply “take the following with a grain of salt.” But according to Comic Book, a highly placed Marvel Source has given them some compelling leaks from the supposed Phase 3 script of Doctor Strange, one of the new projects that Marvel is expected to tackle following the release of The Avengers 2 in the summer of 2015.

So what’s the origin of this insight? CBM calls them a, “Marvel source who is close to the development of the film.” Still, one must wonder the veracity of this source and this information: wouldn’t pages from a script like this be on lockdown, numbered to each specific individual who has access to it? And say there was some tacit approval to share? What’s the upside? We’re not likely to see this movie for three or four years.

I know, I know, you’re all chomping at the bit to see what insight into the film is revealed from these three leaked script pages. That’s fine. As paraphrased by CBM, this is what the first three minutes of Doctor Strange might look like:

“Nick Fury and SHIELD locate a strong power reading from a mountain in Tibet. Another person is in the same room with Fury and also sees a green-like radiation pulsing from the mountain and asks Fury is it’s terrestrial. Fury says it is being analyzed but he hasn’t seen such a power surge since Bruce Banner had an accident with Gamma Rays. Fury concludes by saying the Black Widow is in the vicinity and will investigate but until she sends a report, SHIELD is not sure what the proper response is at the moment.

“Then, the third page starts with Doctor Strange begin tired and goes to lay down for the night and in the morning is awakened by his trusted partner Wong. Strange is brought some coffee. Strange sits up and has some menial banter with Wong and grabs a newspaper. The first headline on the paper talks about a giant earthquake in New York, while the second headline says that Tony Stark is officially Iron Man. His response to the Stark headline is, ‘Lucky bastard.'”

So the film opens in ’08? Is that the gist here? Do we have to now tie every single, last Marvel film together in a neat little package? Easter eggs are fine, but I hope this whole thing where Stephen Strange reads the paper about Tony Stark’s coming out as Iron Man gets lost in re-writers. What else do I hope gets lost? The proposed subtitle “Eye See You.” Get it? As in the Eye of Agamotto amulet. Take that subtlety! Calling the film “Doctor Strange: Eye See You” sounds more like a low-budget direct-to-video effort than a major studio release, at least to me.

So far, kind of unimpressed. But that’s just my opinion. What do you Bastards think?

Source: Comic Book

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