It’s really the only Phase 3 Marvel movie we know anything about, and still what we know is next to nothing. At least now we know the Ant-Man script is finished! Currently, it’s sitting on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust, waiting for Edgar Wright to wrap up promoting his Three Flavor Cornetto Trilogy finale, The World’s End (releasing in the U.S. August 23rd). Oh, who am I kidding!? That baby’s on serious lockdown! It’s probably in some undisclosed location. In a vault.

Here’s a short clip from an interview with Digital Spy in where Wright confirms the script’s completeness,

I don’t blame him for wanting to make The World’s End, I’m honestly more excited for that than I am Ant-Man. It’s also rad of Marvel to be like, “Sure. Go make your comedy. Ant-Man will still be waiting for ya.” Man, do they have their act together, or what? Watch and learn, Warner Bros., watch and learn…

Ant-Man is expected to release November 6, 2015, following Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2. Think they’ll bring anything to tease us with at Comic Con this year? A casting announcement, maybe?

Source: Digital Spy

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