One Week and Counting… SDCC Tips


[Editors Note: Shawn wrote for us the unmissable How to Pack for SDCC, And How to Survive Once You’re There (seriously, if you’re attending San Diego Comic Con you’ll want to read up on his very, very helpful packing, prep, and survival tips) and as we’re now less than a week away from the con of cons  Shawn’s back to share with you his last minute advice. Like, don’t forget your deodorant! Ugh, just once I’d like to attend a con and not get punched in the face with horrible B.O.]


With one week to go until San Diego Comic Con, here are a few items you should be doing right now:

• Search Twitter for events requiring an RSVP


Lots of companies, studios and vendors are announcing their parties and events via Twitter. You can lock in your spot by RSVP’ing in advance.

Note – get there early, even if you RSVP. Most events overbook and will have a line around the building of people who have no shot of getting in.


• Get Your Artist/Writer Questions Answered Before You Get To SDCC


If you have a favorite writer/artist that are on Twitter, Facebook, etc. hit them up now! Many artists aim to fill the slots on their sketch list before the con even starts. Don’t get left out because you procrastinated. Find out where your favorite writer will be signing or sitting on a panel. Not everything is published on the SDCC website.


• Make Your Exclusives Shopping List


If there are exclusive toys or collectibles that you’re aiming to purchase, make a list, prioritize the items you’re after and note where/when to line up for each. Apparently it’s going to be a free for all at the Marvel booth for their very limited items, so you might want to put that “Coulson Lives” t-shirt towards the top of your list!


• Be Sure Your Luggage Has Space For Swag (Or Plan On Hitting San Diego Post Office!)


See the packing tips in How to Pack for SDCC, And How to Survive Once You’re There, and be sure to stay within your airline’s weight limits.

If you do want to mail things home, the closest post office to the convention center is located at 51 Horton Plaza (the corner of 1st Avenue and G Street, open M-F 9:30-6PM, Sat 10-5PM)


• Get Sleep, Eat Well, Take Your Vitamins!


The last thing you want is to be run down or sick before you even make it to Preview Night. You won’t sleep much once the con starts (if you’re doing it right!), so get that rest NOW.


San Diego Comic Con runs July 17th through the 21st. Keep it tuned to Nerd Bastards for all the SDCC coverage worth your time to read!

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