There seems to be a lot of Doctor Strange news/rumor mongering making the rounds lately, and I guess it was only a matter of time before “sources” started to float the idea about who might play the Sorcerer Supreme in an upcoming film. Well internet, let me introduce you to this concept: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Doctor Stephen Strange.

Our source once again is Latino Review who says that “Marvel execs internally are discussing that Levitt is who they figure would be ideal.” That’s problematic both grammatically and logically. While Gordon-Levitt is certainly an impressive actor, at 32 years young isn’t a little youthful to be playing Doctor Strange, who’s always shown to have a little grey in his hair. I suppose there is such a thing as artistic license, but Marvel’s usually played it pretty straight with their adaptations so far.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first brush for Gordon-Levitt with something comic book-y. He played John Blake, AKA: Robin, in The Dark Knight Rises, and was (sort of) Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Keep in mind that there’s still nothing official about a Doctor Strange movie other than talk, so this one, for now, goes strictly in the “rumor” folder.

But seriously, do you Bastards think JGL would make a good Doctor Strange? Sound off below.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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