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ABOVE: Julie Morrisroe won Manga UK’s Best Female Cosplay with this fantastic and intricate homemade Hellboy crossplay. Not only is this a magnificent piece of work in its own right, but it’s also refreshing to see a cosplay that would look great on a fuller-figured woman. [Fashionablygeek]

Manga UK’s Best Female Cosplay
Manga UK’s Best Female Cosplay



Warner Bros and Qualcomm have released a Pacific Rim app for the Android store (and soon for Apple as well) called Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle. The app allows you to control a Jaeger and kick scaly Kaiju ass, as the title implies. Also, It lets you insert Kaiju and Jaegers into your own photos….Because your friends will be far more interested in seeing your pics of the Grand Canyon if it looks like you took  the trip with Gipsy Danger. [Nerdist]


After the social media feeding frenzy that was Sharknado, SyFy is already talking about a sequel to the surprise schlockbuster….and the internet is way ahead of them. The good people at Buzzfeed have already shared posters for 6 fantastic Sharknado follow-up ideas. The poster above is my favorite–mostly for the proposed cast and the awesome tagline.



More fantastic cosplay, this time it’s Wonder Woman via Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeles. No need for the magic lasso, Diana of Themyscira: If I were interrogated by a woman with eyes like that, I’d confess to the Kennedy assassination. [Fashionablygeek]


Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeleserrogated by a woman with eyes like that


I’m sure more than a few of you invoked the “tl;dr” clause of the Internet and just skipped straight down to the description. If you did, you are missing out. Jon Negroni‘s theory regarding an interconnected PIXAR universe is clever, compelling, and eerily reasonable. I highly suggest you give it a closer look. [Laughingsquid]



Brought to you by the ALL Horror Movies Facebook Page, these four concepts for horror flick Happy Meals would have thrilled me as a lad. Unfortunately, we’ll never live in a world this badass 🙁 [Geektyrant]

Animator Mike McCraw has been making a name for himself with these superlatively kickass Power Rangers shorts (which remind me a LOT of the old Aeon Flux clips from Liquid Television on MTV) [Kotaku]

This is the Cheeto Cannon….and there’s no ambivalence to that name: It is an industrial air-blower retrofitted for the high-velocity delivery of  the popular snacks. Skip ahead to 1:45 on the vid if all you want to see is the cheesy carnage. [Geekologie]



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