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So you folks all remember the rumormill going wild back when the Evil Dead remake hit the screens?  Remember Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell talking about how they would like to continue the story of Ash following the events of Army of Darkness?  Well, it looks like we will get to find out what happened to our beloved chainsaw-hand hero, although perhaps not quite the way we were expecting.  It appears that Army of Darkness will be continuing, albeit in a comic book format.  Check out all the Ashy goodness after the jump.

The project is being put together by Steve Niles, writer of 30 Days of Night, and will be published by Dynamite Comics.  The title of the new story – Ash and the Army of Darkness.  The events of the comic will pick up where the movie left off, though it looks like they’ll be using the original ending instead of the (in my opinion much better) alternate ending where Ash gets flung far into the future.  Check out what Niles had to say about it below:

What I’m doing with Ash and the Army of Darkness is a complete reboot. We start and the last frame of the film and then go right to the next.  It’s a wild ride and I think fans of the film will be very happy because I am bringing back a lot of what made the movie so fun.  My run of Ash and the Army of Darkness takes place almost entirely in the 1300′s setting. That was what made Army of Darkness stand apart.  I’m hoping readers agree.

How Niles plans on returning Ash to the past to fight even more undead baddies remains to be seen, but if the following art is any indicator, it looks like he’ll be taking the entire S-Mart back with him.  No word on when the new comic will be ready to go, but Dynamite will be present at San Diego Comic Con, so we can probably expect more then.  Until that time, enjoy the artwork!

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Thanks to BleedingCool for the heads-up.

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