In the world of The Walking Dead the next big threat is right around the corner, but we saw Shane bite the bullet back in Season 2 and The Governor was last seen hightailing it out of Season 3. Being an eye short and an army down, we’re not going to see David Morrissey as often as we used to. Meaning someone possibly more dangerous has to step in. Perhaps it’s time to bring in someone who speaks softly and carries a mean bat.

Existing in The Walking Dead universe is an individual simply known as Negan, a bat-wielding leader of the group called “the Saviors”. Debuting in skull-shattering fashion with The Walking Dead #100, Negan quickly made a name for himself, shocking an entire fan base in the process. A hundred issues is a long time though, it’s like three seasons of content for AMC, but in a talk with TV Guide, head writer and Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman said we could see Negan sooner rather than later,

That’s definitely a real temptation when you are adapting a show, it’s sometimes a struggle because I feel like there are very cool things that are waiting in the wings in the comics that we could do earlier in the show. But those things only work the way they work because of everything that came before them, Negan isn’t going to be as cool if we don’t set up this, this, this, and this. We want to do Negan, and it seems like everyone on the show does want to do Negan, but we are going to have to do all these other things first.

What of The Governor though? He’s still out there, out of his mind and more ruthless than ever to take out Rick and the survivors living at the prison. According to Kirkman, he’ll still be around, setting up what the new season has to offer saying,

If we’ve done our jobs right, hopefully you’ll be watching every scene in Season 4 going, ‘Oh man, gosh, I can’t believe that happened! The Governor is still out there. I forgot! Oh there’s that threat that can drop on them at any moment.
We know he’s out there, the viewers know he’s out there, and there is definitely something brewing on the horizon. You’ll never know how it is going to happen or when. It’s largely an unknown threat, but that guy hasn’t gone away

Sounds menacing, but what we need to see are some results. Any guesses as to who would, will or already has been cast as Negan or when we’ll see him on AMC?

The Walking Dead Season 4 begins later this year in October.

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